• Ecomack Semi-Automatic New Type Non-Woven Box Bag Forming Machine is developed Er designed by our Company. Based on many customers’ feedback. It can produce Box bags from the bottom gusset Nonwoven Bag machines are ideal for all types of box bags.
  • All kinds of film, cloth, paper and other roll materials can be cut.
  • The adjustable speed motor cooperates with the photoelectric sensor to
    realize automatic unwinding and synchronous
    higher efficiency and more accurate precision.
  •  The machine adopts compact design, smaller volume, and is equipped with
    integrated machine foot cup. Casters can be moved and installed at any
  • Adopting a spring-type feeding mechanism with an adjustable angle receiving table, no matter the thickness of the material can be collected neatly, saving labor
  • Humanized design, simple operation, stable performance and easy
  •  Push Button & Foot Control Switch
  • Side Adjustment
  • Punching Machine with 3 Phase Motor, PP Sheet and L.R. Switch
  • Speedy Working