Automatics 3ply Face Mask Machine with Outer Ear Loop


  1. The production line of high speed automatic outer earloop mask machine(1+1 line) is composed of one
    mask body machine and one earloop welding machine, which is also called the production line of
    Automatic high speed flat ear belt mask. Including automatic raw material delivery, automatic transmission,
    cutting off the bridge of the nose strip, mask edge welding, folding, ultrasonic fusion, molding, cutting off,
    transmission, ear belt welding, automatic discharge and other full process automation, complete the entire
    production process from the raw material coil to the finished mask.

One drag one flat face mask machine details.

Product specifications

The surgical mask is mainly composed of three layers of non-woven cloth. The outer layer is non-woven cloth with waterproof treatment, which is mainly used to isolate the liquid ejected by patients. The middle filter layer is polypropylene melt-sprayed non-woven cloth with electret treatment.

Technical Specification :

1Production Qualification Rate≥99.99%
2Equipment Capacity100-120Pcs/Min
4Equipment Power9kw –AC220V±10%/50HZ
7Air Power0.5-0.6MPa
8Air Consumption300L/min
9Number of Operators1 Person

Automatic Flat Face Mask Machine with Ear Loop

3ply Surgical Face Mask Making 
Features of equipment
  1. Automatic tension control of raw materials. Ensure material tension balance.
  2. Photoelectric testing raw materials, avoiding mistakes and reduce waste.
  3. It can produce three-layer mask body, and the upper length of the conveyor belt of the finished product is 1200MM.
  4. The device has the function of total count and batch count. The number of batch count can be set randomly.
  5. the whole machine adopts sheet metal + aluminium alloy structure, beautiful and strong without rust.
  6. modular, user-friendly design for easy maintenance.
Equipment operation requirements
  1. It can realize the operation mode of manual, automatic and single-action operation switching each other. The alarm should be displayed in the main machine interface.
  2. Adopt industrial computer to realize real-time communication with PLC, realize man-machine dialogue through touch screen, each setting operation needs to be simple and convenient
  3. The equipment complies with the national safety standards for electromechanical equipment.

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